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Kitxhen window coverings

Thảo luận trong 'Thiết kế-kiến trúc' bắt đầu bởi Jacobcullen, 25/1/19.

  1. Jacobcullen

    Jacobcullen New Member

    Hi all, hope I am in the right place and my post follows the rules of this sub. I have 2 fairly small windows in the corner of my kitchen, above my sink, approximately 22.5" x 30" each. They are a significant source of light for the room throughout the day but also let in a ridiculous amount of cold air, despite being caulked well. My plan was to dress them with cellular shades as they still let in the light while insulating well (this is what I have chosen for and begun to install in the rest of my home) but a friend mentioned that they'd be difficult to clean/keep clean being right above the sink and it may not be the best choice for a kitchen. I don't care for blinds because I hate to clean them, fabric curtains don't seem right.. any suggestions that won't compromise the lighting but can still provide insulation and give a similar sleek/simple look akin to cellular shades?

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